About us

Join our Ancient Family! History Is All.

Celticonium, an organization that was made to unite Celtic heritage through a worldwide community that brings Celtic traditions, beliefs, and practices back to life. Our goal is to connect with all individuals, associations that are in some way drawn to Celtic heritage to establish strong global affiliations.



Discover ancient cultures, art, wisdom, and knowledge. Embrace the essence of ancient beliefs and traditions, the mysteries of the Universe, and the wonders of the natural world!

If you're an artist, teacher, performer, or have a passion for ancient lifestyles, come register on our website and make yourself known!

Ways we can help:

  • Share your work, ancestry, and passions through blog posts.
  • Promote your events to a wide audience.
  • Advertise and sell your artwork on our marketplace from September 1, 2023.
  • Explore our first-class ancient symbolically embroidered clothing shop, TRISCELT.

Join our unique international community and be part of something extraordinary!

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